Prof. Dr. Nazan GUNEL


Prof. Dr. Nazan Gunel graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1980 with a degree. She started her residency in Internal Medicine at Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in the same year and became an Internal Diseases Specialist in 1985. Dr. Gunel has successfully completed the Medical Oncology Minor specialization that she started in Ankara University Faculty of Medicine in 1989. Dr. Günel became a Medical Oncology Specialist in 1991 and successfully passed the Associate Professorship Exam in 1992. She obtained the title of Associate Professor. Then she participated in clinical studies at Tokyo National Cancer Institute in Japan for 1 year. Dr. Günel, who founded the Medical Oncology Department in Gazi University Faculty of Medicine in 1993 has continued her duty as the Head of the Medical Oncology Department. She was awarded the title of Professor in 2000. She has served in the establishment stages of Medical Oncology Departments in Ufuk University Faculty of Medicine, Medical Park Hospitals and many domestic / international health institutions, Prof. Günel has more than 100 national and international publications and congress presentations in her field. She was deemed worthy of the European Cancer Award as a result of her studies by the European Medical Oncology Association (ESMO). Dr. Nazan Günel still continues her academic studies at Gazi University Faculty of Medicine and continues to accept patients in her private practice.

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